An Inside Look At Picking Out Aspects In Bedding Sets

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This doesn't really hold up under closer examination, though. Crumpled bedding doesn't increase the surface area exposed to the air at all, unless you're pulling everything off the bed completely. The best way to combat dust mites and to keep a clean mattress is to wash your sheets and mattress cover frequently and vacuum your mattress periodically. If you're concerned about air flow to your sheets, folding the top bedding neatly to the end of the bed helps to accomplish that while still looking nice and tidy, and totally counts as "making" your bed. If you don't see the point in making your bed because you're just going to get in it later, well, yeah. We continue to use most things after we clean them, but we still do it. There's no denying that not only does a made bed look nicer than an unmade one, but there's something so satisfying about getting into a nicely made bed instead of a tangle of bedding. Who knows? You might even sleep better!

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