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Businessman Mike Wells claims he watched a boy dance around the store touching clothes as a blonde woman sidled off and prepared to swipe clothes with her two juvenile accomplices. The woman is seen handing a youth two hoodies - worth 49.99 each - as a slightly older teenager shields them from view. After the alleged 'blink and you miss it theft they walk out of the boutique store. Read More Children appear to be used to steal from the shop Mr Wells, 46, said: Its just not nice and quite shocking, Its horrible to think these kids are not being brought up properly. They have nothing to aspire


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They're all about personal interest. They kill anyone who opposes their ideas. They've destroyed the historical monuments in the city. Now people have rejected them and are waiting for the Iraqi army to liberate them. Tuesday: 'No work, no pay' Image copyright Illustration by Morteza Rakhtaala This morning my friend went out shopping and saw Isis executing three people because they'd been talking about Isis losses. It's really shocking to hear news like that. They're robbing people of their lives for trivial reasons. They are twisting

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